Lincoln Continental Mark 5 Diamand jubilie 1978 (Sold)

  • Brand: Lincoln
  • Type: Continental Mark 5 Diamand jubilie
  • Color: Silver Blue/Blue velours
  • Engine: 6.600 CC
  • Year of construction: 1978
  • Options: A fine example of the most expensive and luxurious Linclon ever made. This was the top of the limited editions, the purchase price was almost double as a regular Lincoln was, the option list was endless... Although the Cartier, Bill blass, ... were allready very well equiped, the diamond jubilie took it really all the way, from the 'diamond' in the porthole window to an umbrella hidden in the console! Only a handfull of these cars were produced and they were only available in two colours; silver blue and gold.

This car is sold since 06/09/2011

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